Salt Bath

Century Sun is one of the most modern and technically equipped facilities in the country. With state-of-the-art instrumentation and controls, and by constructing our own furnaces to meet our own processing needs, we can provide heat treating to metallurgical laboratory standards with precisely controlled temperatures up to 2350 °F.

Our engineers and technicians are well known specialists in processing “problem tools.” They routinely and expertly deal with such common heat treating problems as being able to hold close Rockwell tolerances, assessing and controlling distortion, applying specific and critical heat treating procedures, and special handling of delicate tools.

Deep Salt Bath

Century Sun continues to lead the thermal processing industry with the modern installation of its long length hardening line custom engineered, designed, and built to accommodate parts fully immersed to 110" in length. This liquid molten salt bath hardening line is the largest of its kind for the quench and temper of tool steels, high speed steels and powder metallurgy. Experts in the hardening and straightening of long length tools, Century Sun continues to emerge as the leader for the thermal processing of specialized tooling within the heat treating industry.


  • Eleven salt bath hardening furnaces accommodate parts up to 24” x 36” x 110”
  • Precision temperature control up to 2350 °F
  • Eleven salt bath draw furnaces accommodate parts up to 30” x 40” x 110”


THERMALTUFF™ is a precisely controlled heat treating process using molten salt baths resulting in optimum metallurgical properties that increase value by extending the life of tools that manufacture parts through hot forming and hot forging operations. This accelerated salt bath quenching process yields the highest impact toughness attainable in hot work die steels with minimal distortion.