Ion Nitriding

This is the high-tech advancement in nitride processing, through the use of vacuum technology, exacting computer controls and gas mixing techniques. A case hardening process dramatically increases the wear resistance of tools, while significantly improving corrosion resistance. The vacuum process not only leaves surfaces clean, but also minimizes dimensional distortions.

At specific temperatures and electrical voltage levels, nitrogen gases are ionized and impregnated into the compound layer as iron nitrides. The control of temperatures, voltage and amperage, and gas mixtures, work together to create the depth of penetration and degree of hardness optimal for the intended uses of the workplace.


  • One long length ion nitride process furnace accommodates parts up to 30” diameter by 96” length
  • Two ion nitride bottom load process furnaces accommodate parts up to 50" x 50" with a hearth capacity of 6,000 lbs. each.
  • One 60” diameter furnace with a 72” tall working hot zone and a hearth capacity of 6500 lbs.


Ion nitriding has wide applications in several alloy steels, tool steels, and high speed steels. It is reliably repeatable—part after part. Tools may be hung vertically from the top or loaded on the hearth plate, with an overall capacity of 6,500 lbs., 60" diameter, and 72" height.


CASETUFF™ is a deeper, more ductile ion nitrided layer which resists heat checking and improves the thermal fatigue resistance of hot working dies. Typical applications include hot forging dies, cast tooling, molds, etc. Consistent results demonstrate that the CASEWEAR™ and
CASETUFF™ processes add significant value by extending tool life. One vertical furnace accommodates parts up to 30" diameter by 96" in length. Two bottom load chambers handle loads 50" x 50" at 6,000 lbs. each.


CASEWEAR™ is a precisely controlled ion nitrided case (70+ RC) that increases tool life of high speed steel cutting tools and cold working dies. Typical applications include broaches, end mills, stamping dies, etc.