High Bar Vacuum

Vacuum Bright Annealing & Tempering

The vacuum draw furnaces heat and cool through a high velocity circular wind flow pattern which provides exceptional heating and cooling temperature uniformity. All tempering processes are computer controlled to provide consistency and accuracy load after load. The surface integrity of parts is maintained throughout the entire draw cycle which results in vacuum bright parts.

6-Bar Vacuum Furnace

This state-of-the-art technology results in uniform hardness with an optimal microstructure, even in large cross-sectional pieces. The 6-bar quenching capabilities harden, quench, and temper the full range of high speed steels. These high pressure, fast quenching characteristics greatly improve cooling uniformity to minimize workpiece distortion. It consistently provides optimal metallurgical properties and quality of hardness.


  • Eight bright vacuum tempering furnaces
  • 6-bar vacuum furnace accommodates parts up to 36” x 36” x 48”

12-Bar Vacuum Furnaces

Our three 12-bar high pressure quench vacuum furnaces incorporate thorough and uniform convection assisted heating along with directional cooling of up to twelve times atmospheric pressure. The results are excellent distortion control with superior quenching rates, which provide the highest quality vacuum heat treated products available in today’s marketplace.


  • 12-bar turbo vacuum furnace accommodates parts up to 36" x 48" x 50"
  • 12-bar K vacuum furnace accommodates parts up to 36" x 48" x 50"
  • 12-bar K vacuum furnace with an increased hearth zone with a capacity of 6,500 lbs.