Century Sun Metal Treating located in Traverse City, Michigan has recently installed several new pieces of thermal processing equipment, including three 12-bar high pressure vacuum furnaces, in addition to new vacuum annealing/tempering equipment, to help meet customer needs, and to address the significant expansion of the metal working industry now supplying North American manufacturing.

For over 30 years, Century Sun has been focused on leading the heat treating industry with both new technology, and producing the optimum metallurgical properties in all the materials processed in order to assist with the increased demands on tooling and the critical manufacturing efficiencies needed to compete in a global market. 

As one of the most diverse commercial heat treating companies in the industry, Century Sun offers both hardening services and proprietary surface treatments engineered to extend tool life in difficult manufacturing applications.  Processes available include high bar vacuum treating, salt bath hardening, carburizing, Carbonitriding, CaseWear* & CaseTuff* Ion Nitriding, vacuum tempering, deep cryogenic treating, precision straightening, and blasting. 

Century Sun has just installed their fourth Ion Nitriding furnace, a large Abar Ipsen Plasma Ion unit with 60” diameter x 72” tall working hot zone with a hearth capacity rated at 6500 lbs.  This long established case hardening process can significantly improve the wear resistance on a variety of tooling applications while also providing better lubricity and corrosion resistance.

A fifth induction hardening unit was recently installed to meet new customer requirements. Multiple vertical induction scanners with power supplies that range from 100kW to 450kW at frequencies from 3kHz to 30kHz can drive a wide range of case depths and hardness specifications.  Most coils and associated tooling is built in house to save both time and money for the customer on delivery sensitive jobs. Please call or e-mail the main office for a quotation on your current needs:

Visual Shop* software programs have also just been installed to assist with all incoming work orders and customer communication. Online order entry, order verification and all documentation is now available in real time 24/7 at Century Sun Metal Treating.  Ask to preview our new Visual Net* order management system that can help with job visibility, traceability and auto shipping notifications.